Sonic was once a simple village boy, the son of a swordsmith, and his personal apprentice,
but, on a short trip to Castle Town to deliver something to the king, he discovered his true destiny,
to become the new hero of time, and fight for the good of hyrule against unknown evils. He is very brave,
holding the triforce of courage, but even he sometimes questions if  he is fit to be the hero of Hyrule.

Niko lived happily in Hyrule's Castle Town, until the day he met Sonic. They quickly
became good friends and Sonic helped Niko out with his bully problem. Niko was there when
Sonic was revealed to be none other than the fabled Hero of time,
And thought it was just about the coolest thing to even happen,
unfortunately as soon as he began to accompany Sonic, he soon learned that the outside world
is very different from the Hyrule he knew. He is very Cowardly sometimes,
 but in time of peril, he will rise to the occasion to help his friend.

Zelda is the current princess of Hyrule. Her father, the king, has been very depressed, often feeling that the war between Hyrule and the evil's of Gannon would never end. This is why she sought out to find Sonic and ask him to<  fight for Hyrule and defeat Gannondorf. She is very clever, and holds the triforce of wisdom. She and Sonic have a close friend ship, and she can always be depended on in times of need. Sonic and Niko usually come to her when they have a problem.

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